Naina Somani, A Freelance artist

Naina Somani, A Freelance artist : Born in Udaipur in September, 98 , Since Childhood, She was brought up in an environment that helped nurture her love for painting at a very young age. She remembers her childhood when it all began, from the colouring books which her father brought and she used to finish them in a very short span of time.
Naina believes that every child has an eye for art but somewhere down the line the skill of art is considered just as a hobby and not allowed to grow, instead this skill is Stiffled in by the society and the pressure of parents. In her case though, this did not happen. In her world, The Heart of a Women floated magically above her head or The Colour of An Apple was Orange if she wanted it to be!! She had a strong fascination for arts in her Infancy, She participated in inter school competitions and won some numerous prices, though she was an academically above average child and although she opted for the arts field in 11th and 12th standard. Her goal was clear and sorted that she needs a life that she can relate to art and later as the time flied, She had a keen interest in Portraiture, Observing Day to Day People and Their Lives. Later on took admission into Mohanlal Sukhadiya University, (College of Social Sciences and Humanities). The True Course of Naina’s Journey as an art student began as she pursued her 3 years Bachelors in Art (In Visual Arts + English Honors) degree and Masters in Arts (Visual Arts) and All Though, she had completed her college in 2020-21 and has been experiencing with work and enjoying the process till now.

The Expressions, Human form and Personality fascinates her. She attempts to depict the unique and diverse Impressions which people leave on her mindset from a woman’s point of view.
Born and Brought up in Udaipur, she has spent most of her days travelling through the mosaic of mesmerizing chaos, The City offers a general Ambience of Udaipur, Peace and Standstill of a Town and All the Humans, she encounter intruiges her. They became inadvertent muses channeling the concepts of her painting. She likes to experiment with atmosphere, light and its effects on the elements in the painting.
She has been carrying away different Mediums, Compositions and Ways of Executions.
The Amalgamation which she creates with the concept of Portraits and Realistic Rendering of Human form, Staying updated, Researching Subaltern voices and representing her findings in an aesthetic way as well as responsibility flagging out the social issues of the time she lives in , are the main objectives of her journey in this field.

Her Mindset process about creating art that aims at capturing the Heart and not the Mind of the viewer. Her paintings are a little bit conceptual as she wants people to have a vision of their Mirrored life which they are not able to experience in their own selves. She believes in providing freedom to the audience of her painting. The process of learning Art is Never Ending Process and consist of collecting experiencees along the way.
Naina admires to study the works of great artists like Raja Ravi Verma, John Singer Sergent, Rembrandt, Van Gogh and MF Hussain.

As everyone has a Graph of Age and Life, She, In her childhood has made many Doodles and sketches of cartoons etc. And In an age of Adulthood, She was attracted towards day to day scenes or Incidents like a Village Scene, A Mother and Daughter Relationship and Light or Shadows of any Object etc. Later on when she had to choose the subject in 11th and 12th standard, she was interested in Portraits , Old Man and Women’s Wrinkled Ages, Experiences, their Bonds, Expressions, Observing different Features of humans etc And Then, Her Life space was added with little bit of Human Anatomy Studies, where the Sketches of a Gym man, Charm of Woman, Bonds between Humans, Aspects of Old People Lives, Some Scenes of Lake City, Some of Birds and Animal Study.
Then a phase of a life came when she went in the college to study arts, Her Mindset and Ideologies were totally transformed in a positive way, as she learnt how to join and collect Memories, People and Experiences, in her early stage of life where she used to sketch all by having a different perspective of knowledge, by a little Imitation of a natural world which was experienced by undergoing daily changes, But in the college days time ticked by and her style was in terraces of distorting the objects meanwhile fixing them.
She had a different approach towards art, then and now. She has occupied some of his paintings with Semi Abstracts and Abstractions, where all Figures and Forms have a new Outlook, as they have been Broken down and Separated/Distorted into different spaces to form a different composition as compared to her earlier works.
And presently, she is working in Printmaking such as Woodcut etc. As much exploring the new medium which entered in her life in a magical way ,Sharing about Printmaking Interest, as she was Awarded by Different Awards and Certifications before but an Award of his Printwork which was presented to her by Lalit Kala Academy Jaipur 2nd state award for Print Titled as “Enclosure Beneath The Marine Foliage) which merely transformed her way of Art in a different manner. As after this, She had a motivation of continuing Printmaking ,Painting and Coaching all aged people groups by taking online/ offline sessions of art and guiding them and exploring it more !


*Lalit Kala Student State Award | 2021
*Prof. SBL Saxena Research Foundation, Special Print Award|2021
*Kalalaari Film Festival Award | 2021
*West Zone Cultural Centre,Terracotta Workshop | 2021
*Rajasthan Sahitya Mahotsav contest | 2021 *Chitraankan 3 Award | 2021
*Khula Aasmaan Gold Medal award। 2021
*Camel Art Foundation |2021
*Rangmalhaar Internationa Event| 2021 *Artdom Exhibtion| 2021
*Nagar Nigam Udaipur Award| 2021 Global *Art Expo Exhibition | 2021

  • International Show “Expressions” | 2021
    *West Zone Cultural Centre, Woodcut Workshop| 2021
  • Rangmalhaar International virtual Event। 2020
    *VOSAP Art from Heart Contest| 2020
    *Maharana Pratap Painting, Rajasthan Patrika Award |2018
    *Rajasthan Tourism, Kumbalgarh Festival |2016


According to her, Quality over Quantity is important when creating art, every piece of art we create teaches us something. 1 sketch a day is not less if you come up with 2 improved sketches the next day. She believes that she has a long way to go and there is a lot to learn and achieve. She feels forever grateful for teachers and family, specially Her Father who is even from an Art background, A Lawyer as in Profession but never tried to change her mindset and To change upon something she loved the most and her Mother who has always been an encouraging factor in life.
Naina live by her favourite quote :
“Every child is a artist, the problem is to remain an artist when they grew up”!

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